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Haus Of Utopia Chocolate Bars

Haus Of Utopia Chocolate Bars. Welcome to Utopia Mushroom Bars, your source for the highest quality artisanal mushroom chocolate bars. Our mission is to provide healthy, gourmet chocolate edibles infused with functional mushrooms to customers across the United States and worldwide.

Founded in 2019 by Johanna Smith, a trained mycologist and chocolatier, Utopia Mushroom Bars was born out of a passion for both mushrooms and chocolate. After working in the supplement industry and studying the medicinal benefits of mushrooms for years, Johanna wanted to create a tastier way for people to enjoy mushrooms daily.

Our Bars

All of our mushroom chocolate bars are handcrafted in small batches using ethically-sourced cacao and the most potent, organic mushroom extracts and fruiting bodies. Our current bar flavors include:

  • Reishi – With calming, adaptogenic reishi mushroom
  • Lion’s Mane – Featuring brain-boosting lion’s mane
  • Cordyceps – With energizing cordyceps mushrooms
  • Turkey Tail – Immunity-enhancing turkey tail mushroom
  • Bliss – Our signature mood-lifting blend

Our bars contain only the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, artificial colors or flavors. They are vegan, paleo, keto and diabetic friendly.

Buy Haus Of Utopia Chocolate Online
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